Everyone desire to be appreciated, applauded and congratulated for being what they are. This is my first blog article in which I would like to make you realize, “YOU ARE AWESOME”. If someone says this to me, my cheeks start to blush with happiness. Indeed this makes me think I am beautiful, appreciated, applauded, congratulated for being me. The whole day I am bubbly with lot of energy moving around. This is irrespective of colour, creed, race or part of the world you belong to. Physical appearance has nothing to do with being complemented.

Specially challenged people are as beautiful as anyone else are. Most important is to see the inner beauty. The way they think, behave and have good attitude and show gratitude towards people. That is the real essence of beauty and truly be complemented beautiful. On this note, I want to compliment quote, ” YOU ARE AWESOME” to everyone reading this article.