I have got lot of contacts on LinkedIn and of them there are curious crusaders who on and on keep asking this one question what is coaching and how it helps. Here I would like to focus on how coaching helps. Once I answer this question, the other one is easily understood.

What a coach can help you with:

  • GENERAL PLANNING:- Stabilizing and developing your strategic planning, marketing and promotional planning, financial management and planning and general administration and personnel issues.
  • MARKETING AND PROMOTIONAL PLANNING:- Helping you develop and implement your promotional action plan, advertising plan and public relations plan.
  • FINANCIAL PLANNING:- Helping you understand financial statements, cash flow management, pricing strategies and employee compensation plans.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT:- The development of the leader is accomplished by practical, on-the-job approaches with specific activities and goals tailored to the individual and the organisational system. It focuses on developing the executive’s ability to influence, motivate and lead others.
  • ISSUES OF LIFE:- Life in general, personal career, finances, relationships, Communication and interpersonal skills, health, fitness and wellness.

What is the outcome of coaching:

Coaching takes the form of powerful conversations between coach and you. The process adheres to the following achievable goals:

  • Clarifying what you want.
  • Assessing where you are right now.
  • Reviewing your resources and options.
  • Creating an action plan.
  • Instilling motivation and commitment.
  • Calibrating and keeping you on track.
  • Measuring progress along the process.
  • Celebrating successes along the way.
  • Clarifying the business management skills you want to acquire.
  • Remind you why these business skills are important.
  • Work with you to determine in detail how to approach a business task/activity.
  • Observe your performance.
  • Evaluate your performance by giving feedback.
  • Ensures your growth through challenges, requests and homework.
  • Establish trust and nurture a good rapport throughout.
  • Gain great deal of satisfaction and inspiration.
  • Creation of a development plan.
  • Skill building.
  • Performance improvement.
  • Development of future assignments.
  • Exploration, definition and implementation of the executive’s leadership and the organisation’s business objectives.


This long list of outcomes might have given a clear idea how best coaching helps an individual in all walks of life. So I encourage you to partner with a coach and be inspired to accomplish life success with grand endeavour.