Hey Angelina here !!

I am passionate about coaching. Why I became a coach is:
   To fulfill my purpose to be of service to others adding value for the joy of it.
   That the joy of supporting others expands my possibilities 10 times.
   The optimal way to transform others lives adds value to me and becomes full of meaning and possibility.
   Ultimately build true wealth in all areas of talent, experience, knowledge, character, community energy and spirit.

I hope I can make a difference to you, in how life turns out for you bringing positive influence, improve life skills, and facilitate you  to reach your goals. This is a driving force that keeps me going.

What I do in coaching? I partner with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Here is what I specialize in: 

I explore fully what the client wants from the session. Ensure that client is clear about the purpose of coaching. Am willing to be fully vulnerable as client and establish full partnership with the client. Listen attuned as a learner at the logical, emotional and organic level. Have conversations at ease and with naturalness. Connect with client as observer and with full curiosity in the discovery of answers,solutions, action plans and co-create new awareness. Ask questions that evoke significant thought and hidden power in himself/herself. I am more an explorer of client’s greatness and invite them to create their own solutions. I trust the client to be accountable of themselves. I support the client determine their own methods of accountability.

How does coaching work? Coaching techniques and exercises support you in gaining clarity, make good choices, create awareness and design actions. Coaching conversations facilitate strategic thinking, change in thinking patterns and ultimately transform you into a new you. Powerful Questioning inspires thought provoking and maximizes your potential to greater personal and professional success.

Professional bio:

International Coach Federation Credential  Associate Certified Coach (ICF-ACC).
  Few years of teaching career for students ranging from school to post graduates.
  Initial career as industrial chemist and executive in an environmental consultancy was for a short period of time.
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