It has been a long hectic day, daily chores, office work and some social networking. We are so much used to being in society and mingling with people. These days it has been limited to online sources of networking and making friends. It has given a global scope to communication. Getting to know people and cultures is fine on the positive note. There are arising lot of negative issues with this kind of socialising. The other day, one person not to name here, spent almost half her day criticising someone with her messages publicly on the network. How unhappy she is? What can be done to solve her problem? Does she need help? Then comes the “help” in the form of advice, counselling and coaching. She was not ready to take advice of the one who posted it and continued to criticism. Moreover advices might have provoked her. Counselling on the hand is like advising only, so doubt she will like it too.

Coaching is something which doesn’t tell you what to do instead inspire to do what one wants to. Now this is not encouraging of negativity but to bring out all the positive energy from within. These days Coaching has become the buzz word everybody is talking about. From personal benefits to executive high performances to business success, all considered to be resulted from coaching.

What is coaching then? This is to partner with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. A coach responsibility is to help the individual to think about and identify strategies for success, and help them create goals; keep them motivated so that they accomplish their goals.

Why one needs coaching? This is a good question we can discuss elaborately here today. A coach helps in creating a safe environment to let people see themselves more clearly. Also identify where client is and what he desires to want and need. Inspire client through building a structure, accountability and ensure to sustained commitment to goals.

Here is a list of points for brief understanding of this:

  • Get clear about your goals: Be it individual, executive or a company, setting clear goals is important for success. Coaching helps you determine what is really important and how to stay focused on goals.
  • Be accountable: One needs to keep on track and moving forward towards new heights of achievement. A coach helps you accountable to someone, to answer to which motivates one to act. Thus accountable to manager or higher ups in a job situation.
  • Focus development efforts: A coach helps you to know the difference between weaknesses you need to fix and those that are best left as they are. This helps you invest quality time in the most fruitful opportunities.
  • Gain an advantage: Faster and quicker results can be attained. Acquire leadership skills and increased employee engagement at work.
  • Feel happier: A coach best helps you in cutting through clutter, clear toleration, identify and align values, create a focus and ultimately increase your personal and professional fulfillment. Top of

Being happy is a blessing and making someone happy is splendid. Coaching is the process that would transform one’s life beautifully. Now the person described above might get happiness and leave the negativity through coaching if she is willing to. We can’t force anyone against their will anyhow.

Friends, can you add few more points why one needs coaching or what more can result from coaching? And as I started writing this off, sincerely request you to present a healthy discussion and share your experience and knowledge.

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  1. Lalitha BK August 19, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    Hello Ms. Angelina

    This is a superb article reflecting your wonderful thoughts. I have posted this article on Facebook.

    All the best, there is lots to do and with your kind of energy and knowledge will be a source of strength.


    Lalitha BK

  2. J.Lokesh August 21, 2015 at 11:00 PM

    Cool.. 🙂

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